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Knitting Machines
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The process house has a capacity to produce 20 tonnes per day. It is equipped with the latest generation Athena Dyeing machines from Sclavos (Greece),Open Width technology including hot air stenter from Bruckner (Germany),Finishing machines and Drier from Santex (Switzerland),Bianco and Ferarro (Italy),Lab Equipments from Datacolor (USA),Knitting machines from Mayer & Cie (Germany) to specify a few and the latest generation Digital Printing machines from Mimaki (Japan).


“Athena” with Wisdom from Sclavos, Greece

  • Vessel sizes of 25, 50, 250 500 and 750 kgs
  • 100% rated capacity loading
  • Constant Liquor Ratio from Half to Full loading capacity
  • Minimum Human internvention
  • Sedomat 5000 Controllers
  • Lowest Nozzle Pressures
  • Absolute Delicate Handling of knit fabrics

Tubular Squeezer:- Bianco Linea Apritubolare Model APT 4

  • Ensures uniform squeezing with right ballooning
  • Magnetic Stretcher at exit for Wet Compaction
  • No edge marks on any fabrics with Patented Stretcher
  • PLC Controlled machines for recall of any inputs

Tubular Dryer:- Bruckner Opti-Relax

  • Reduction of residual shrinkage to a minimum
  • Soft and pliable handle achieved by extremely low tension fabric treatment
  • Improvement in Fabric bulk
  • Multi functional entry for Tubular as well as Open Width fabric
  • Bruckner Auto Control with PLC and Pleva fabric residual moisture control system
  • Patented Air flow system for uniform heat transfer in the chambers
  • Montana nozzles ensures great tumbling effect
  • Excellent shrinkage values

Santex Dryer (Santa Shrinks)

  • Excellent control of shrinkage by vibrator system.
  • Total relax and smooth fabric movement with overfeeding and tumbling action inside the Conveyors.
  • Auto save heating control system.
  • Continuous control of humidity inside the chamber with special designed nozzles, radiators and unique exhaust system.



Tubular Compactor:- Ferraro Comptex FV

  • Uniform and constant dimensional stability
  • Uniform precision folding perfectly aligned
  • Control Electronic apparatus with Central Computer

Slitting Line:- Bianco Linea Taglierina Tensionless

  • Positive drive for tensionless basket thereby reducing elongation substantially
  • Air balloon device for better ballooning of tensionless basket
  • Fabric relaxation conveyor system for excellent relaxation
  • Double padder for any and every kind of chemical impregnation


Stenter:- Bruckner Power Line 6 chamber with Double Padders

  • Integrated Opti straight entry points along with Mahlo Weft Straightener
  • Uniform Air Flow system with so-called ‘counter principle for maximum uniformity   of Air flow over the entire fabric area
  • Montana nozzles enable three dimensional fabric tumble effect
  • Multi Control Cabinet give constant process control via user friendly numerical   and graphical screen display of set points and actual achieved values
  • Bruckner double padders along with addition tank to give any and every kind of   finish required by valuable customers


Open Width Compactor:- Bruckner Compressive Shrinking Range Opti-Compact

  • Tandematic SLUC432 spreaders for better fabric position
  • E+L fabric infeed assemblies for mechanical and/or optical edge scanning
  • Stenter chain guiding system with enough length for proper relaxation and  verfeed
  • Binaco Weft Straightener for absolute straight knits and veils with auto correction
  • Bruckner Multi Control central programmable control system for all important   functions


Automatic Bag Sewing Machine:- Bianco

  • Automatic dethreading for fitting on slitting machine
  • Rimoldi sewing machine for excellent sewing parameters
  • Plaiting at exit for smooth layering

Interlock Machine

  • Diameter - 34"
  • Gauge - 24GG, 28GG

Interlock Auto Striper Machine

  • Dia-34"
  • Gauge:24GG

Single Jersey Machine

  • Diameter - 24", 26", 30" and 34"
  • Gauge - 24GG, 28GG and 32GG with all feeder Lycra

Single Jersey Auto Striper Machine

  • Dia: 26",30"
  • Gauge: 24GG,32GG

Rib Machine

  • Diameter - 34"
  • Gauge - 18GG

Engineered Stripe Interlock Machine

  • Diameter - 34"
  • Gauge - 24GG (with an unlimited repeat upto 6 colours)

Latest generation digital printing machine & finishing equipment from Mimaki - Japan, the wold leader in digital printing technology

  • For photo quality print results
  • Possible to print upto 700 DPI resolution on fabric
  • Post printing treatment ensures silky touch and smooth surface
  • Endless colour possibilities
  • High colour fastness standard

  • Our Plant is 100% R.O. Compliant

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